Morozov responded to a grant for

the Absurdity was named a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Oleg Morozov proposed by the U.S. Department of state grant for “exposing Russian disinformation” about the situation with coronavirus.

“it’s not just grant. This is a grant terms of reference: that is, one who does not write lies about Russian health care, no money”, — quotes the words of Senator RIA Novosti.

He explained the meaning of the “requirements specification”: the United States wants to blame the onset of the pandemic to anyone but himself, but first and foremost, China and Russia. “We live in a world in which America imposes absurd way of thinking,” stated Morozov.

the U.S. state Department on may 21 released information about a grant of 250 thousand dollars for the “exposure of the Russian disinformation in the health sector”. In the Russian Embassy in the United States, commenting on this information, said that Washington has a destructive work, instead of rallying in the face of a pandemic coronavirus.