Moscow and Minsk argued about the price of Russian oil

1 Jan new year, Russian oil companies stopped crude oil supply to Belarus. They are unable to enter into contracts with the Belarusian state company Belneftekhim due to differences in the price of raw materials. The last few years Belarusian refineries bought oil on terms comparable to the terms for the Russian independent refineries, i.e. export alternative plus a small premium. The Russian company proposed to maintain these conditions, not worsening them, but the Belarusian side refused to supply oil.

4 January delivery is still resumed but so far only one plant – “Naftan”. The raw material is sold without a premium to the price. Belarus has made the abolition of premium to the price of duty-free oil supplies, citing the rise in the cost of Russian raw materials due to the tax maneuver (it led to a reduction in export duty and increase tax on mineral extraction), reported “Interfax” with reference to sources.

the Award, which liberated Belarus and is $10 per ton of oil, reported the Agency “Prime”. In this case, the savings can be about $200 million a year, considered the senior Director of the division of corporations, Fitch Dmitry marinchenko: “But as the reduction of export duties (to 2024 it should zero out) the price Minsk pays for Russian oil will grow, if the mechanism of settlement will not include any additional adjustments”.

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