The 48-year-old Andrea and her daughter had a good relationship for a long time until it began to falter in puberty. At the age of 17, her daughter broke off contact. How do you deal with such a fate? And how do you manage to be happy anyway?

She’s gone for half a year now.

My 17-year-old daughter has moved out of our apartment and has lost contact with me and the rest of the family. If someone had told me that before, when she was still playing peacefully in the sandbox, I would have been blown away. And I certainly wouldn’t have believed it. We’ve always had a good relationship.

I can still remember our last conversation. We sat at the dining table and, as so often, we quickly started to discuss. She said that she felt provoked by my voice. how i speak What I say. Then she got up and said that she would go to her boyfriend now. She then packed up some things and left.