Update of 29. October 2018:

Since it is clear that the high bird is going to occur in the foreseeable future, a gigantic rock fall, the Team of LMU and TU Munich on the technical support of the company 3D realitymaps GmbH. How threatening is reported to the 2592 meters high mountain bird in the Allgäu 260.000 cubic metres of Rock crashing. For 50 years, a gap develops at the mountain. Already in 2005, 2007 and 2016, has replaced the Rock.

The consequences of another, much larger festival crash would be huge: Rock and dust into the valley, acute danger to life for hikers and mountain climbers. Therefore have made the LMU and the TU, together with the experts from 3D realitymaps GmbH has the goal to monitor the mountain. This is done with the aid of drone aerial surveys, which provide images and Videos to visualize the phenomenon in 3D. This facilitates according to the 3D-experts, the idea of the scale.

Update vom 26. October 2018, 12 p.m.: The Bavarian radio accompanied the team of researchers from the TU München are now in the dangerous work on the high bird. Shown is the contribution in the show was “Good”.

Should overthrow the southern summit wall to the valley, would be slipping 260,000 cubic meters of Rock, estimate the scientists. This is a gigantic amount, which is expected to provide an extreme dust cloud that would cover the whole of the horn valley. It would be a “major event”, say the researchers.

To walkers and warn the inhabitants in time, want to be able to predict, the researchers of the rock fall days before. For this purpose, new measurement had to be devices to calculate the distance in the gap at the summit attached. A strenuous work, as you can see in the TV-contribution by the Bavarian radio.

rock fall-like-danger in the Allgäu is not an isolated case

Update vom 25. October 2018, 10.15 am: could what happen to it, is unclear: a rock fall threatens the high bird, Allgäu. How do you imagine it, if many Thousands of cubic metres of noise Rock to the valley? After all, the mountain is 2592 meters high.

: If so much gravel on the downhill crashes, then it could be noisy and dusty. Climbers would then be in danger of their lives. Not only in the Allgäu, there is the risk of Felststurzes threatens. The höllental glacier in the weather stone mountains, large boulders loosened by the decline of the eternal ice and threaten there as a mountaineer, how to Merkur.de reported.

first message: expert warns of gigantic rock fall on the high-bird

Oberstdorf and Munich – Maybe this year, maybe next year it could be, says Michael herb Blatter. Then, a rock fall of greater proportions is imminent. In the extreme case, up to 260 000 cubic meters of Rock could plunge up to 1,000 meters deep into the valley. Red alert on the mountain – but still the situation is not quite so dramatic.

herb Blatter is a geologist and Professor for slope movements at the TU Munich. Currently, he is with his people in a weekly cycle on top of the 2592 meters high bird, a striking, but tedious-to-climb lookout mountain to the West of Oberstdorf in the Bavarian-Tyrolean border.

gap on the high-bird in the Allgäu region widens

Directly below the summit cross a gap that is shifted to the scientific interest begins. The gap is known for over 50 years, but in the last few years, watch geologists as he expands threat. “Since 2014, has opened the gap to 30 centimeters, which is very much,” says herb Blatter. From the summit one looks out 20 to 30 meters deep in the abyss, but the scientists estimate that the gap extends in some Places up to 100 meters down.

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the main dolomite is, by nature, brittle

In late summer, the geologists have wired up the mountain, literally, with Sensors, changes in the cleft of the rock, mm. “AlpSenseBench” is the name of the research project, which serves as an early warning system for alpine natural building hazards. “We expect that the gap widened from two to three days prior to a rock fall enormously, perhaps to an inch per day,” says herb Blatter. Currently, there are 0.4 mm in the week.

+ the measurements of The scientists on the high bird.© TU München / John Leinauer

The geologists of the TU Munich trade fairs not only in the Allgäu, but also in the Wetterstein area around the Zugspitze, as well as on the Kitzsteinhorn glacier in the Hohe Tauern and on the vernagt glacier in the Ötztal valley. But nowhere is the Situation so dramatic as on the high bird.

The mountain consists of main dolomite, which is by nature fragile. However, the cause of the rock fall hazard, the topography of the mountain is The distinctive cone-like shape favours obviously slide Rock. Since in the columns of water accumulates, erodes the mountain, especially after every Winter.

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as early as 1935 it came to a large rock fall

once before, in 1935, rushed thousands of cubic meters of Rock from the southwest wall of the valley. This is noted in the hut book of the near Prinz-Luitpold-house. Also in 2005, 2007 and most recently in July of 2016, there was rock crashes, are also not excluded for the future. This makes the research work on the mountain is risky.

scientists fight but with additional constraints: lightning strikes damaged several times by the Sensors. You must always be renewed. In addition, a three increase in routes to the summit through the trees to the turn of the way is no longer possible. The path that starts in Austria, was blocked in September 2014 from the Land of the Tyrol permanently – to the danger, d ass boulders walkers slain. The way it was for 109 years, he is still in open time, is unlikely. “There is absolute danger to life,” warns the section of Donauwörth in the German Alpine club.

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