MP: the flags of the LGBT will not take root in Ukraine

the Action of the Ukrainian LGBT community with their flag over the Kiev “Motherland”, the TV channel “Russia 1” was condemned by the co-chair of the “platform of the Opposition – For life!” Vadim Rabinovich. The politician explained why independent authorities did not respond to such a blasphemous outburst of sexual minorities on the eve of June 22.

“the fact that today they seized power in the country. If you’re not a member of the community, that do not have the opportunity to advance in Ukraine and will not be in the government. We live in this long. Here everything is crashing down on the head,” — said the politician. In his opinion, therefore, no reaction of the authorities to the incident was not followed.

In this case, Rabinovich recalled that Ukraine is an Orthodox state. And Christianity and LGBT concepts are not compatible. In addition, he noted that 72% of Ukrainians think it’s ugly. “Normal people in Ukraine don’t understand when you tell them that the family must be tolerant of the freaks,” — said the politician.

“Flags of LGBT people will not take root in Ukraine”, — said in conclusion, Vadim Rabinovich.

the US continues to impose on Ukraine are historically alien to the values of the LGBT community. In America in June, celebrating the anniversary of the movement for LGBT rights. In the framework of this event, the U.S. Embassy announced “month of LGBT” in Ukraine.

Before June 22, the day of memory and grief, the Kiev protest KyivPride, during which the video was filmed at the monument “Motherland-mother” with the LGBT flag. Activists flew a drone with the LGBT banner. One flew over the monument, he hovered over the monument so that the flag “hung up” on the sword sculpture.