MP: the power of Ukraine in Association with the Slavic peoples

In Ukraine there is no person in authority who would sincerely fighting for national interests and national integrity of the country. This was stated in the program “60 minutes” the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from party “Oppositional platform For life,” Ilya Kiva.

He believes that Vladimir Zelensky can’t resist the influence of the West. The pressure on the Ukrainian authorities from the United States will continue to grow. “Ukrainians are well aware that the country is under external control from the state Department and the Soros group, under which hit in 2014. The coup allowed the Americans to control all the processes in our country and to destroy not only the statehood but also the economy,” said Ilya Kiva.

In his opinion, with the departure of Petro Poroshenko American control has not diminished, but even increased. He noted that a criminal case of treason, the former President of Ukraine will come to nothing. “Scandal Poroshenko is not favorable to the Americans, so make some noise-make some noise and slowly poured the whole story into the bowl,” he commented ironically, the Ukrainian MP. “No Ukrainian leader who could reach the truth of his strong position. We see in the power of puppets and will not be tolerated”.

Ilya Kiva said that the only party that is fighting for the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine is “the Opposition platform For life”. “Our presence in Parliament does not allow to completely destroy the independence of the country,” said Ilya Kiva. He also noted that the strength of Ukraine in Association with the Slavic peoples. “Our relationship with the Slavic peoples is our strength, is able to bring to the world, to restore the independence and economy.”