Skirts are a closet secret weapon. The textile is available in numerous versions. Colours, cuts and fabrics are versatile, so skirts can be worn at any time of the year. Which models are suitable for summer and will be trendy in 2022?

Light, playful, elegant, casual — the skirt is an all-rounder and therefore doesn’t fit in any drawer, but in any wardrobe. The textile is so versatile that it can be worn in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Anyone who wears it looks dressed up quickly, because you don’t need much more than a great skirt, shirt or blouse and matching shoes. It is not without reason that timeless textiles find their way out of the wardrobe every year, which makes them sustainable and popular. In 2022, the classic skirts will continue to be trendy. Underneath the denim skirt or the satin skirt. What else does not go out of fashion? Five trends at a glance.

Desired pleats: the pleated skirt

The pleated skirt is no longer conservative. Thanks to its structure, the fine pleated skirt creates an exciting look. It can be easily integrated into any style of clothing, whether short, long, plain or multicolored. Pleated skirts go well with both an elegant business outfit with a blouse and blazer and with a romantic date look in the evening.

More is more: the maxi skirt

In recent years, many items of clothing have increased in length, including skirts. In 2022 the maxi skirt must therefore not be missing. With its length, the textile offers a lot of comfort, whoever wears it looks well dressed. The maxi skirt offers a lot in terms of color and material. It is available in every imaginable color and pattern. Models with floral prints and bright colors are particularly popular this summer. You can combine the skirt with sandals as well as with casual sneakers.

Playful look: the wrap skirt

Plus point: The midi-length wrap skirt suits every figure type because it can be easily adjusted. If the skirt is too wide or too tight, you can easily gain some space thanks to the wrap method. The wrap skirt is also available in all sorts of colours, patterns and materials. In the summer of 2022, models made of linen are particularly comfortable to wear. The material lets the skin breathe and cools you down on hot days.

Retro Charm: The Jeans Rock

Denim fabric is firm and therefore not suitable for summer at first glance. Properly combined with an airy shirt, open-toed shoes and in mini or midi length, the denim skirt is also convincing in the warm season. The beautiful denim blue looks light and summery in combination with white shirts and blouses.

Shiny: the satin skirt

Satin has a strong to subtle sheen and is therefore ideal for summer 2022. Shimmering in the sunshine, the satin skirt conjures up a light look. It can be a mix of materials at the top, shirts made of breathable cotton or linen are nice. The mix provides a nice contrast to the shiny satin.

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