“My husband can”: Comeback of the couple show in Sat.1


    After around nine years: Sat.1 is bringing “Mein Mann kann” back to television. With Daniel Boschmann, a new moderator takes over the show.

    After a break of around nine years, Sat.1 is bringing “My husband can” back to TV. From July 18, 2022, the station will show five new episodes of the game show every Monday at 8:15 p.m., in which four couples compete in various tasks. Only celebrity couples will compete.

    The Sat.1 all-purpose weapon Daniel Boschmann (41) now leads the show as a moderator, which originally ran between 2010 and 2013. His predecessors until 2012 were Britt Hagedorn (50) and Harro Füllgrabe (47). In 2013, Oliver Pocher (44) and Christine Theiss (42) took over.

    “It’s exciting to see the areas in which we idealize our partners”

    “Even in 3,000 years, the dynamics in a partnership will still be the same,” says Daniel Boschmann in a statement from the broadcaster. “We think we know everything about our second selves, but things tend to get very tight on the test bench.” In his new show, it will be “exciting to see in which areas we idealize our partners and hope for the best and where we intuitively dismiss. We men are also very happy to tell what we are supposed to be incredibly good at.”

    The basic principle of “My husband can” remains the same. In each episode, the women play poker against each other in seven rounds to see which partner has to master a challenge. If he manages the challenge, the stake goes to the couple’s account. If he fails, the competitors share the sum.