At around 1.60 meters, she only weighed 38 kilos at times. Her blood pressure was too low, her periods didn’t come, and her condition was life-threatening. But the therapy doesn’t work – until a brain scan reveals the true cause.

At 21, the young Canadian had already suffered for four years. She just couldn’t eat normally. Her weight kept fluctuating dramatically. When she was 17, she went to her family doctor because she was always so nauseous that she could hardly eat anything.

Within six months she had lost seven kilos and at around 1.60 meters tall she only weighed 43 kilos – although she had not wanted to lose weight at all. Her blood pressure was too low and she didn’t have her period, apparently because her body was low on fatty tissue, where some of the female hormones are made. The blood values ​​for some sex hormones were also remarkably low.

Unsuccessful therapy and artificial nutrition