“There are things we cannot understand.” After 20 years, «X-Factor» is set to return to television. Eight new episodes are to be produced from August. Jonathan Frakes is back.

The creators of the Netflix hit “Dark” are shooting new episodes of the horror classic “X Factor – The Unbelievable” in the USA. The client is RTLzwei. The whole thing will be moderated again by “Star Trek” actor Jonathan Frakes, as the broadcaster announced.

In addition to Quirin Berg and Max Wiedemann, Benjamin Munz, who was most recently responsible for the streaming hit “Blood Red Sky”, is also on board as a producer. Filming begins August 1st in Los Angeles. The original X-Factor was made between 1997 and 2002.

«Honoring a cult brand»

Munz, who is also the author of the series, emphasized: “For us, it’s about honoring the cult brand and breathing new life into it at the same time.” You can offer creative talents the chance “to try out a genre that is hardly ever played in Germany,” he added.

«X-Factor» is a mystery series. Frakes presents several stories and only resolves at the end of the show which of them (allegedly) actually happened in real life.

“We are (…) very pleased with the trust that the US licensors have in being able to continue the format after more than 20 years,” says Gerhard Putz, Head of Digital Creative at RTLzwei. The broadcast of the eight new episodes will follow “promptly” after the end of production.