Naryshkin announced a response to the expulsion of diplomats from the Czech Republic

the Response in relation to the expulsion of two Russian diplomats from Czech Republic will follow — this was stated to journalists by the Director of the foreign intelligence Service Sergei Naryshkin. The whole history of our diplomats he called a “very vile and cowardly provocation by the Czech authorities”, reports “Interfax”.

on the Eve of Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrew Babish at an emergency press conference in Prague said that two employees of the Russian Embassy in his country, declared persona non grata. According to Babish, this decision is connected with the history of transportation in the Czech Republic of the poison ricin.

a Toxic substance allegedly brought to the Czech Republic a Russian citizen with a diplomatic passport, to use the poison to poison municipal politicians. Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister of the Czech Republic, however, said earlier that police and security services of the Republic there is no concrete evidence of the above incident.

At the Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic have recently called for the expulsion of diplomats unfriendly step, based on unsubstantiated accusations. “It is a fabricated provocation,” — said the Embassy. The Russian foreign Ministry has called on the eve of the action the Czech Republic, dishonest and unworthy.