NATO to strengthen missile defense and air defense for Russian missiles

NATO has decided to strengthen the air AND missile defense to counter Russia. This was stated by the head of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, after the first day of consultation of Ministers of the organization.

In particular, the NATO countries are going to buy additional air defense systems, Patriot and SAMP/T, and purchase the fifth generation fighter.

thus, according to him, the Alliance will not deploy in Europe a new ground-based nuclear missiles.

the Package of measures adopted in response to strengthening of Russian potential, said Stoltenberg, and individual decisions in the framework of this package are secret, reports TASS.

In response to these statements, Russia has promised to strengthen the Western group.

As said to “Interfax” Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on defence Yury Shvydkin, “against the background of these statements, we will continue to strengthen the group in the Western direction, on the basis of the calls that come from outside.”

In January, the NATO Secretary General said that the Alliance will prepare a “defensive and proportionate” response to the deployment of Russian missiles 9М729, or SSC-8 classification of the Alliance.