NATO urges US to change stance on open skies Treaty

NATO Ambassadors held an urgent meeting due to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. In the end, all the allies urging Washington not to do so. Athens news Agency AMN called it a mobilization of Western countries for the sake of the “salvation” of the Agreement.

address to States was signed by ten countries — Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Sweden and Luxembourg. The ambassadors stated that the same concern the US, but regret with the decision on trump’s withdrawal from the agreement. The document stresses that the Treaty on open skies is a key factor in strengthening confidence in the transparency and security in the Euro-Atlantic region. The signatories of the appeal, intend to continue to comply with the Treaty, notes RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Donald trump announced the decision to withdraw from the agreement, accusing Russia that she allegedly was not in compliance. The document, signed by 10 countries, it is noted that the US allies in NATO are going to continue the dialogue with Moscow. They urged Russia to remove restrictions on flights over the Kaliningrad.