At the “Les Ateliers Lillet” event in Düsseldorf on Thursday, prominent women like Nazan Eckes shared their personal stories.

A place where women grow together: On Thursday, numerous female personalities from different industries came together at “Les Ateliers Lillet – a place for female growth” in the Forty Four in Düsseldorf to inspire and exchange ideas. The two-day event of the French aperitif brand with panel talks, coaching and workshops focused on topics such as self-realization, finances, job or inner balance.

“I was really looking forward to the event, especially after two years of the pandemic, but above all because it’s an event where women come together,” enthused Sara Nuru (32), entrepreneur and one of the VIP guests.

Nina Moghaddam is guided by her gut feeling

In her welcome speech at the opening brunch, Amorelie founder Lea-Sophie Cramer (35) explained that only 18 percent of start-up founders in this country are still women: “These are still incredibly few.” Moderator Nina Moghaddam (41) agreed and at the same time pointed out: “Creating a politically enforced women’s quota will not be enough. The framework conditions must also be adjusted.”

The mother of two Moghaddam has been a presenter in front of the camera for around 20 years and advises all women one thing above all: “The most important thing is not only on the way to a management position, but to strengthen your gut feeling early enough. Even with 1,000 people in a room, intuition is still the best guide.”

Nazan Eckes “demanded too little”

“We women tend to put ourselves under a lot of pressure,” explains colleague Nazan Eckes (46). This often provokes envy and hatred towards successful women. Eckes would like to see a “rethinking” in this regard. Her appeal: “If we all get together, we can bring about changes.”

Looking back on her own career, the presenter regrets in particular: “I asked too little. I like to do favors and support others, but I’ve found that I often fall by the wayside. But I’m changing that radically right now.”

A healthy dose of ambition

Model Franziska Knuppe (47) and actress Caro Cult (27) did not miss the inspiring event either. As far as her professional and private development is concerned, Knuppe (47) was satisfied. The 47-year-old recommends women who are currently still in the process of self-realization to set small goals and “a small portion of relaxation helps some to reach their goal faster”.

From Cult’s point of view, self-realization “is also a thing”, because “your own goals just keep developing.” But every woman should “keep at it”, emphasized the 27-year-old: “There will be moments when you fly so high that you think you’ll never land again. But you will land again. And then there are moments when you down and thinking you’ll never get out of it. But you will get out. If you realize what a roller coaster life is, then you’ve already gained a lot.”