An Austrian died in Egypt as a result of a shark attack. Witnesses tried to pull her out of the water with a rope. The woman suffered shock and died in hospital.

Not far from the Egyptian seaside resort of Hurghada, an Austrian woman died after a shark attack. The shark approached the 68-year-old woman while she was swimming, the German press agency learned from medical circles in Hurghada late on Saturday evening.

She suffered shock and died in hospital. The Russian agency Ria Novosti reported that the woman lost an arm and a leg in the attack.

Egypt: Austrian dies after shark attack

The Austrian Foreign Ministry in Vienna confirmed the death of an Austrian. According to medical circles in Egypt, she was married to an Egyptian and lived in Hurghada on the Red Sea. Tourists watched the tragic scenes before her death from the beach and from a jetty.

Video of the incident shows the woman trying to get to safety in red-dyed water. Meanwhile, men from the jetty try to pull her out of the water with a rope. The beach was closed for three days.

The Red Sea is a popular destination for divers, among others. Shark attacks are actually very rare there. However, there have also been isolated cases of deadly attacks. In 2018 a tourist from the Czech Republic died after a shark attack, in 2015 a German died and in 2010 a German pensioner died.