A train ran into a bus at a level crossing near Ulm. At least three people were injured.

A train collided with a bus at Blaustein near Ulm. At least three people were injured, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. The bus crossed a level crossing in the Arnegg district in the morning when the barriers were down, it said. The regional train was no longer able to brake in time and collided with the bus. The route is currently closed. The police were initially unable to provide any further information.

According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, a motorcycle accident is said to have preceded the event. A biker fell on a wet road, after which a traffic jam formed. In this traffic jam, the bus was stuck on the tracks when the barriers closed.

Accident near Ulm: no passengers on the bus

The drivers of the bus and train are said to have been seriously injured. The bus driver was resuscitated at the scene of the accident, the report said. There are said to have been around 70 passengers on the train who only suffered minor injuries. Fortunately, there were no occupants on the bus apart from the driver, according to the “Bild”.