In 2020, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira performed together at halftime at the Super Bowl. In her new Netflix documentary, J.Lo reveals she wasn’t thrilled with the performance.

A performance at the Super Bowl is a career highlight for many stars. In 2020, the honor went to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Among other things, the two women used the halftime show of the football final in Miami to take a stand against the immigration policy of then US President Donald Trump. Lopez brought her daughter Emme on stage. The girl sang “Born in the USA”. Still, the 52-year-old wasn’t initially thrilled with the performance — and that was down to Shakira.

Lopez couldn’t understand why National Football League (NFL) officials hired two superstars for the Super Bowl. As a rule, there is always a big name for the show. The singer didn’t like the fact that she was supposed to share the stage with her colleague, who was eight years her junior. This can be seen in the Netflix documentary “Halftime”, which premiered a few days ago at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Netflix documentary “Halftime” shows Jennifer Lopez’s world career

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” describes a scene in the documentary in which Lopez complains to the NFL bosses. “We’ve got six friggin’ minutes. We’ve got 30 seconds for a song and if we take a minute break it’s down to five more. But there have to be specific songs that we sing. We have to have our singing moments. It won’t be a friggin’ one It’s going to be a dance revue. We have to sing our message. That’s the worst idea in the world, having two people do the Super Bowl.”

She worked hard for years and hoped to headline the Super Bowl, Lopez says. “It was an insult to say that it takes two Latinas to do the job that an artist has done in the past,” added her manager.

Eventually, Lopez and Shakira came to terms and split the halftime show between themselves. Each performed alone for around six minutes, in the end they performed together. The cooperation was professional, but also cool, writes the “Daily Mail”.

The documentary “Halftime” can be seen on Netflix from Tuesday, June 14th and gives an insight into Jennifer Lopez’s world career.

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