A full shopping cart often means a lot of work at the checkout: Everything out to the scanner – and back in again. This is exactly what is about to change at Ikea with immediate effect.

With a new service in all German furniture stores, Ikea wants to shorten the queues at the checkout. In addition, “Shop

This is how “Store” works

According to Ikea, “Shop

According to Ikea, registration is not necessary, the “Shop

The payment still takes place at an express checkout, a complete processing of the purchase on the smartphone is not planned so far. Cash payments are still only possible at the normal cash registers.

3D furnishing function planned

In the future, Ikea would like to use the app to help people before they drive to the furniture store. The Swedes are planning a 3D planning solution for this, which should make it possible to set up your own living space virtually and to check in advance whether the new purchases really fit. The developers have not yet announced when Ikea will install this function.