In 1950s Chicago, a sensitive suit tailor gets involved with the mafia. In modern-day fun-loving Oslo, a young woman searches for her role in life, and in cold Denmark, an investigator fights against dark forces. The films of the week.

“The Outfit”: Men’s tailor meets underworld

The movie «The Outfit – Made to Measure» takes place in Chicago in the gloomy winter of 1956. Gentle men’s tailor Leonard (played by Oscar winner Mark Rylance) has a visit from the underworld in his studio.

This can’t and doesn’t go well – for the killers. Leonard always keeps his composure, even when he’s patching up a gunshot wound in the stomach of a gangster on his studio table with sewing thread and needle. The film only reveals at the end why the tailor is cooler than the killers.

The Outfit, USA 2022, 106 Minuten, FSK ab 16, von Graham Moore, mit Mark Rylance, Zoey Deutch, Johnny Flynn u.a

Awarded in Cannes: “The worst person in the world”

Julie is around thirty, lives in Oslo and hasn’t found her role in life yet. This is what the film “The Worst Man in the World” tells – which is much more than a zeitgeist comedy. Viewers follow Julie as she searches for the right relationship and the right job. It is understandable that the Norwegian actress Renate Reinsve was awarded the prize for Best Actress in Cannes for this role. She is at the center of «The Worst Person in the World», full of charisma and presence, and makes sure that we feel with her throughout the 128 minutes of this film.

The worst person in the world, Norway/France and others 2021, 128 minutes, FSK 12, by Joachim Trier, with Renate Reinsve, Maria Grazia Di Meo, Anders Danielsen Lie

“Expectation: The Marco Effect”: Nordic Noir with Ulrich Thomsen

Berlin (dpa) – The Danish-German-Czech co-production “Expectation: The Marco Effect” with Ulrich Thomsen (“The Festival”) offers more than two hours of crime action.

When young Marco, who is homeless, is arrested by the police on a train bound for Denmark, it turns out that he has the passport of an officer who disappeared years ago. He was suspected of a crime. Now Commissioner Carl Mørck (Thomsen) can take care of the matter again. Will Marco be able to help him? It will be directed by Oscar nominee Martin Zandvliet (“Under the Sand”). The literary template, which came onto the book market in Germany in 2013 and was a success very quickly, was written by the successful Danish author Jussi Adler-Olsen. Expectation: The Marco Effect, Denmark/D/Czech Republic 2021, 125 min, FSK from 16, by Martin Zandvliet, with Ulrich Thomsen, Zaki Youssef, Sofie Torp