The wonderful Sophie Rois spells out the alphabet of love. Spaceman Buzz Lightyear tells his life story, a French teacher has to accept his age. And “Babylon Berlin” star Liv Lisa Fries is fighting for her son.

«A E I O U» – love story with Sophie Rois

The actress Anna (Sophie Rois) lives in a large Berlin apartment in an old building, but is so broke that even a broken washing machine calls for an existential crisis.

Suddenly her handbag is stolen on the street – via detours she meets the thief (Milan Herms) again. Now she’s supposed to give him speaking lessons. The title of the film also alludes to these exercises. Something special develops between the older woman and the young man. Director Nicolette Krebitz (“Wild”) presents her new feature film “A E I O U – The Fast Alphabet of Love”.

(A E I O U – The fast alphabet of love, Germany 2022, 104 min., FSK from 6 years, by Nicolette Krebitz, with Sophie Rois, Milan Herms and Udo Kier,

«Toy-Story»-Prequel «Lightyear»

Successful films often get a prequel that is allowed to tell the prequel to the already known story – of course in the hope that the box office will ring again. Disney and Pixar now want to achieve this with “Lightyear”.

The prequel revolves around the space ranger who is the template for the popular toy from the animated classic «Toy Story». It describes how the astronaut Buzz Lightyear became a tough space hero and what adventures he experienced on alien planets. Action and humor are not neglected on the way “to infinity and back again”. At least that’s what the trailer for the film promises. Musically, he also makes you want more with David Bowie’s “Star Man”.

“Toy Story” from 1995 was the first full-length film created entirely on the computer, for which it even received a special Oscar. It was about the toy cowboy Woody and his joy. When the kid Andy gets a new, modern toy with the space ranger Lightyear, Woody gets jealous. Through shared adventures, however, both recognize the value of respect and friendship.

«Toy Story» received three sequels. Buzz Lightyear has also had adventures in a comic series and a film based on the animated series.

Lightyear, 2022, 105 Min, FSK 6, USA, von Angus MacLane

“Butterflies in the ear”: feel-good comedy

Understandably, people who are hard of hearing sometimes tend to keep their own handicap hidden from the outside world for as long as possible.

In this feel-good comedy of French provenance, in which we can also see director and screenwriter Pascal Elbé in front of the camera, the main character goes quite far: the attractive history teacher Antoine not only understands all the requests to speak very well of his students, no, all of his girlfriend’s statements rush past him mostly unheard. But that’s not all: Even the rather loud, constant banging of his alarm clock every morning leaves the mid-fifties all too unmoved. At the same time he almost drives his neighbor Claire insane with it.

And then Antoine sees himself forced to gradually face the seriousness of the situation and his age: when he doesn’t hear the fire alarm at school either. A hearing aid is needed! The completely new world of acoustic impressions that now opens up to Antoine is not only accompanied by joy: he now also notices everything that he has previously been able to ignore nonchalantly: his own mother with dementia, his overwhelmed sister, the fellow teachers. Ironically, in a mute little girl, his neighbor’s daughter, Antoine finds something like an ally: Since her father’s death, Violette refuses to speak… The full-length film full of situational comedy, which originally had the completely different title «On est fait pour s’entendre” (roughly: We were made to get along with one another) is being shown in cinemas with no age restrictions.

Butterflies in the Ear, France 2021, 93 min, FSK from 0, by Pascal Elbé, with Pascal Elbé, Sandrine Kiberlain, Emmanuelle Devos

Liv Lisa Fries in Asperger’s drama “Between Us”

Berlin (AP) – What would “Babylon Berlin” be without a Liv Lisa Fries? What would “Downfall” be without a Corinna Harfouch, or films like “Lara”? In this respect it is a gift that these two actresses, who have already given the film a lot, act together in front of the camera in this drama. Even if Harfouch “only” has a supporting role.

A supporting role in a film that was given the rating “particularly valuable” by the German Film and Media Evaluation (FBW). In its jury statement, the FBW judged, among other things: «Max Fey has succeeded in making a convincing debut film with “Between Us”. Straightforward and well acted, it’s about the challenges in the relationship between a single mother and a pubescent boy with Asperger’s Syndrome.”

In the 86-minute film, Fries is the mother who really does almost everything to ensure that her 13-year-old son Felix can lead a good, sheltered and safe life. Felix is ​​autistic, he repeatedly experiences attacks of fear and anger, and he often reacts very differently to external stimuli than other people. For Eva, as the mother is called in the film, it is anything but easy to keep her head above water in everyday life. And it is fortunate that this Eva is not completely alone in her efforts, in her concern for Felix: there is support from Felix’s school, and also in the form of a child psychologist played by Harfouch.

One day, however, the situation finally escalates. In autumn 2021, the impressive drama celebrated its premiere at the Hofer Filmtage. “Between us”, filmed in and around Munich, is the directorial debut of the German Max Fey, who wrote the screenplay together with Michael Gutmann.

Between us, D 2021, 86 min, FSK from 12, by Max Fey, with Corinna Harfouch, Liv Lisa Fries, Thure Lindhardt