New jungle camp moderator Jan Köppen: “I fit in there quite well”


    Jan Köppen moderates the jungle camp as the successor to Daniel Hartwich alongside Sonja Zietlow. That’s why he fits well into the show.

    It has been clear since Saturday evening (July 9): Jan Köppen (39) will be on the RTL show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” alongside Sonja Zietlow (54). moderate. The 39-year-old is the successor to Daniel Hartwich (43) in the jungle camp. Köppen wants to “chat” with him before the start of the new season in January, he reveals in an RTL interview. And adds: “But of course I’m not Daniel. And Daniel is not me. And that’s a good thing. I don’t want to copy him in terms of content.”

    Köppen jokes about preparing for the jungle camp: “I go to the sauna every day now. Dressed, maybe.” The moderator then adds that he actually believes that the temperatures at which one works in Australia “takes getting used to”. “The working hours are also very absurd. It’s like breakfast television from Australia for late evenings in Germany.” Köppen further explains about the jungle camp, the humor and wit of the TV show suit him: “That’s why I think I fit in well. With a certain irony and distance, but always with a certain amount of empathy.”

    Experienced moderator

    Köppen is known as the moderator of several RTL formats, including “Ninja Warrior”, “Take me out” or “Tower Jumping”. He also represented Daniel Hartwich at the “Let’s Dance” finale. After season 15, Hartwich ended his jungle camp moderation alongside Zietlow “for family reasons”. The two had been in front of the camera for the format since 2013.