Apple is expanding the color palette of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus with another look. If you like it colorful, you can now get the mobile phone in yellow. The smartphone can be pre-ordered in the bright spring color. We reveal where and how to secure the yellow iPhone.

So far, the iPhone 14 has five different looks to choose from: black, violet, blue, red and polar star – now there is also a yellow variant. However, the yellow iPhone does not offer any technical innovations, and the price remains the same despite the new color. Before the official start of sales on March 14, the Apple smartphone with a bright look can be pre-ordered including a contract with the mobile network provider o2. How much savings potential is there?

Pre-order the Apple iPhone 14 in yellow with a contract and save?

According to the manufacturer, the new color variant of the iPhone 14 with 128 gigabytes of storage costs 999 euros, the plus even 1,149 euros. If you don’t want to spend that, you can alternatively get the smartphone including a mobile phone contract, for example from o2. The iPhone 14 Plus is available there in yellow as part of a pre-order campaign, either in combination with an Unlimited Max tariff including SMS and telephone flat rate and unlimited data volume for EUR 59.99 per month or in the Free M Boost package with 40 GB of data and Allnet -Flat for 44.99 euros basic fee per month.

These are the details of the offer:

Pre-order the iPhone 14 Plus in yellow at o2

But can the iPhone in yellow with a contract actually be cheaper? Yes, because: If you opt for the Unlimited Max tariff, for example, with a term of 36 months plus a deposit of one euro for the mobile phone and shipping costs, a total of 2,165.63 euros is due. If you subtract the RRP of the smartphone (1,149 euros), the effective monthly costs for the contract are just under 28 euros.

With the Free-M-Boost tariff, which comes to a total of 1,625.63 euros – calculated over 36 months and including a deposit of one euro and postage – after deduction of the manufacturer price (999 euros) only 17.40 euros remain effective costs per Month.

However, the offer is only worthwhile for those who are already looking for a new collective agreement. Anyone who already has an ongoing contract but would still like to have the iPhone in the new color should take a look at eBay and Amazon

If the color doesn’t matter: iPhone 14 now 160 euros cheaper on eBay

The iPhone 14 does not necessarily have to be yellow? Then there is a different colored model from eBay. At 839 euros, you can save a whole 160 euros compared to the manufacturer’s original price, for example with the iPhone in the purple color variant.

Click here for the offer on eBay

Conclusion: Is it worth buying the new iPhone in yellow?

The iPhone 14 in yellow is certainly a visual highlight, but apart from the new color there are no technical changes in the two model variants 14 and 14 Plus. The price has also remained the same compared to the other existing colors with an RRP of 999 euros. If you also want an upgrade on the technical side, you should wait for the successor models of the 14 series.

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