Money Heist: Korea is new to Netflix. But the reactions of the fans are mixed: some think the series is really good – others really bad.

You can only find the new Netflix series “Money Heist: Korea” really good or really bad. At least if you look at the ratings on the well-known “IMDB” rating site. So far, a good 2,500 people have participated in the assessment of the series. 29.4 percent give the top mark of ten points. In contrast, there are 32.9 percent who give the worst grade: one point. The remaining votes are distributed relatively evenly across all other ranks.

Netflix has joined the current hype about revivals and remakes: “Money Heist: Korea” is structured just like its role model “Money Heist”. The Spanish Netflix series was a surprise hit in 2017 and celebrated its finale in 2021 after five seasons. The Korean variant offers a very attractive starting point: North and South Korea are about to merge into a united Korea, and the banknotes required for this are already being printed.

“Money Heist: Korea”: ​​Some fans are bitterly disappointed

Then a mysterious professor appears again who brings together eight criminals from North and South Korea. They are supposed to steal the money because it would “make the poor even poorer and the rich even richer,” they say. Then comes a point that may have annoyed some fans: The eight criminals (yes, there are eight again…) have the same names as in the main series: Tokyo, Berlin, Rio, Helsinki, Oslo, Moscow, Denver and Nairobi. The city names are meant to protect identities. So far so good, but wouldn’t there have been enough other big cities as well? some fans ask themselves on Twitter. “Disappointed and angry,” some say. It also says: “It could have been good, but it’s a 1:1 copy” or “Anyone who has seen ‘House of Money’ has also seen it. Why is Netflix copying its own series?” The point of criticism: The story is the same again, only this time it takes place in Korea and not in Spain.

For many fans, the original doesn’t seem to be long enough ago for a certain retro charm to set in for them. The cast hasn’t become more diverse either, the professor, for example, is still a man. Most recently, the remake of “How I Met Your Mother”, which can be seen on Disney Plus under the name “How I Met Your Father”, still featured various characters and current dating phenomena.

But there are also positive voices: “Even if it’s the Korean version, it’s still successful. Don’t understand the unnecessary hate,” says a user on Twitter.