In New York, a woman was rescued from hostage thanks to a note sent to a grocery delivery service. The woman placed an order through Grubhub with instructions to alert the police. The staff at a cafe responded promptly.

It sounds like a story from a movie: In New York, a woman who was raped and held by a man in an apartment in the Bronx sent out a call for help by ordering food. On the Grubhub delivery order, she left the following lines in the “Additional Instructions” section: “Please call the police” and “Please don’t make it obvious”.

Grubhub order went to restaurant in Yonkers

The order went to The Chipper Truck Cafe in Yonkers. The restaurant published the desperate call for help on the Facebook page. So the order arrived at 5am on Saturday: an Irish breakfast sandwich, a cheeseburger and an alarming note.

“Usually people write something like, ‘Can you leave this in my driveway? Can I order extra syrup? Can I have an extra soda?’ But never like that,” says employee Alicia Berme in an interview with the television network CBS News.

The store’s owner, Alice Bermejo, recounts how, after reading the note, the female employees called her husband to ask what to do. He suggested they take no chances and call the police.

An hour and a half later, the police arrived at the delivery address and were able to free the woman. As it turned out, the 24-year-old met her tormentor through a dating app. Police arrested a 32-year-old suspect. He is being investigated for rape, assault, false imprisonment and sexual abuse.

Kidnapping victims thanked the next day

The woman called the restaurant the next day and thanked the Chipper Truck Cafe team for their help. Bermejo is extremely proud of their employees. “We were really happy,” she said. After all, they could have simply overlooked the note. Grubhub gave the restaurant a $5,000 reward for its help.

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