The corona situation in Germany is already worsening. Against this background, many people in the Federal Republic would like to see the mask requirement back, as a look at the Statista graphic shows.

Should wearing masks indoors be reinstated next fall? Yes, say around 63 percent of the people surveyed as part of the ARD DeutschlandTRENDS. According to the survey, it is above all the older generations who want mouth and nose protection back in shops, restaurants and the like in order to counteract the increasing number of infections.

The elderly in particular are required to wear masks

In the age groups 50 to 64 and older, at least 70 percent of those surveyed support a return of the measures. The mask requirement received less approval among 35 to 49 year olds – but here it is still more than half of those surveyed. In the cohort between the ages of 18 and 34, the votes for and against are roughly balanced.

At the political level, supporters of the SPD (78 percent) and Greens (82 percent) are the main supporters of the mask comeback. But also in the ranks of the Union (69 percent) the pro votes predominate. Rejection of the reintroduction prevails among the voters of the FDP (55 percent) and AfD (69 percent).