Aren’t we all the very special snowflake on the glacier of creation? Then we also deserve unique fragrance. But which niche fragrances suit your character?

Love goes through the nose. If you can’t smell the other person, you won’t push them off the edge of the bed – he or she won’t even let them come near them. So it’s no wonder that the history of the origins of fine fragrances goes back to the high cultures of the Egyptians around 1500 years before Christ. If you smell good, you make yourself unique.

At that time it was still reserved for queens and pharaohs to underline their character with perfume, but nowadays everyone can enjoy noble fragrance compositions. But if you stroll through the clubs in your city at night with your nose up, you can smell the perfume of the masses, mixed with plenty of sweat, smoke and alcohol. There is nothing unique about it. Stand out from the crowd with a niche fragrance that suits you.

1. Juliette has a Gun – Into the Void

Juliette has a gun – and she’s not afraid to pull the trigger. The name of the perfume is “Into the Void” and means “Into the Void”. A feeling that immortal but unhappily in love men who adore a Juliette know. The company “Juliette has a Gun” describes their perfume as inspiring, elegant and beguiling. Attributes that are actually good for everyone – but only suit a few people.

2. Atkinson – Robinson Bear

Are you craving adventure and travel? Then “Robinson Bear” is the perfume for the man who can no longer stand working from home. The fragrance from Atkinson (Britain’s oldest perfumery) pays homage to Daniel Defoe’s novel “Robinson Cruesoe”. So it is not surprising that “Robinson Bear” is a fresh fragrance that plays with the aromas of Mediterranean coastal plants. “Robinson Bear” is the perfume for men tormented by long-distance addiction.

3. Il Profvmo – Vanilla Bourbon

If you love vanilla, the “Vanille Bourbon” from the Italian manufacturer “Il Profvmo” is a must for you. The founder of the perfumery is Silvana Casoli. According to her own statement, each of her fragrances embodies a part of her soul. With “Vanille Bourbon,” the creator poured her warm and passionate side into it. Above all, the fragrance should free the senses and make you happy, but it should also be light and extravagant. A perfume to make the heavy, dark days of winter a little more enjoyable, lighter and more beautiful.

4. Nasomatto – Black Afgano

Just as there are different grape varieties for wine, there are also different cannabis plants depending on the growing area. Black Afghan is a particularly potent strain that is primarily grown in Afghanistan. Based on the plant, Alessandro Gualtieri created the fragrance. It is said to evoke associations of finest quality hashish. Translated from Italian, Nasamatto means “crazy nose”. Gualtieri sees each of his fragrances as an artistic expression of himself. “Black Afgano” is suitable for men and women with an inherent rebellious spirit.

5. Miller Harris – Tonic Tea

We continue to move in the world of recreational plants, but switch to the legal paths. Miller Harris is a London perfumery whose “Tea Tonique” was inspired by the scent of a tea plantation. The perfume is described as fresh and is therefore more suitable for the day. Sprayed into the hair, the “Tea Tonic” gives an elegant freshness that invites you to wander in your thoughts over a foggy tea plantation early in the morning to let the dew on the green leaves tickle your fingertips. What a wonderful contrast to the dreary everyday office life.

6. Eight

This fragrance has a story, its creator is Albert Fouquet, his muse the Andes. In 1934, Fouquet traveled to the highest mountain range outside of Asia. Located on the west coast of South America, the Andes extend from Venezuela through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. During his journey, Fouquet discovered the plant Andrea. For his perfume, he rounded off their extracts with notes of pepper and cardamom. A citrus note adds freshness. In addition, heavy woods spice the perfume. It is suitable for sedate and self-confident men who swear by a scent that is not too obtrusive. With the Robert F. Kennedy Special Edition, you donate a portion of the proceeds to the RFK Human Right Organization. She is committed to Robert F. Kennedy’s dream of making the world more just and peaceful.

7. Widian – Gold II Sahara

From the Andes to the desert. The largest on our planet inspired the perfumery AJ Arabia, founded in Abu Dhabi in 2014, to “Gold II Sahara”. The result was an oriental fragrance. As usual for AJ Arabia, it is highly complex. The top note of “Gold II Sahara” consists of saffron, orange and elemi. Its heart note of roses and orange blossoms is sweeter. The base notes come softly in amber, musk, cedar and vanilla.

8. Niche Fragrances: Creed – Viking

Are you a man who does what he thinks is right? Who gives free rein to his passion because he is brave enough not to care about the opinions of others? Then “Viking” by Creed is your scent. The French perfumery has been producing its fragrances since 1760 – the company has always been family-owned. With “Viking”, Olivier and Erwin Creed created a perfume that is intended to symbolize the endurance, success and strength that sailors from Scandinavia carried out into the world.

9. Maison Francis Kurkdjian – Oud Satin Mood

In 2009, Francis Kurkdjian founded the perfumery Maison Francis Kurkdjian together with Marc Chaya. At the age of 15, Kurkdjian knew he was going to be a perfumer – and what kind of perfumer he had become. “Oud Satin Mood” is a fragrance for men and women. Oud is a particularly rare and expensive substance from which perfume is made. It is obtained from the resin of the eagle tree – but only if it is infested with the mold Phialophora parasitica. Even the ancient Egyptians valued the fragrance. The oil is said to have a pheromone-like effect. The oriental fragrance “Oud Satin Mood” is Kurkdjian’s free interpretation of Oud. Suitable for the queens and kings of the night.

10. Blend Oud – Zanzibar

A final oriental fragrance completes the collection of niche fragrances: “Zanzibar” by Blend Oud is suitable for both men and women. Why? Because Blend Oud believes in the philosophy that Mother Nature loves all people equally. And that makes the distinction between men’s and women’s fragrances superfluous. Perfumery honors the thousands of years old art of oriental fragrance mixtures. “Zanzibar” is a heavy and sensual fragrance for the night and still comes along lemony with a good shot of melon. A perfume for exciting and sensual summer nights and people who enjoy the night and know how to shine through elegant restraint in the right situations.

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