Russia reports defense of Ukrainian long-range missiles over Crimea. Consequences of the attack and the impact on the conflict are unclear.

Russian Air Forces have destroyed ten long-range missiles known as ATACMS. These missiles were fired into Crimea overnight by the Ukrainian military, according to the Russian Defense Ministry. The information was published on the messaging app Telegram. This was reported by the British Telegraph.

The Russian-appointed governor of the port of Sevastopol in Crimea, Mikhail Razvoshayev, announced on his Telegram channel that debris from the rockets had fallen in a residential area. “According to preliminary information, no one was injured,” the Telegraph quoted the governor as saying.

A US official said on Tuesday that the ATACMS and air defense interceptors approved by Joe Biden on April 24 are already reaching Ukrainian forces. At the same time, the head of military intelligence in Kiev warned of Russia’s surprising new offensive near Kharkiv, which was bringing Ukraine “to the brink.”