A mouse bungee is the miracle weapon for heated battles on the computer: the clever but inexpensive gadget ensures that the mouse cable does not get tangled up in the stress of the game. Six worthwhile models in comparison.

The mouse bungee is one of those gaming gadgets that gamers don’t think much of if they don’t own it. But once you’ve secured the mouse cable with the bungee, you won’t want to be without the little helper on your desk. Because nothing is more annoying than being defeated by your opponents in the game, for example because the mouse cable got stuck on the keyboard and you therefore didn’t hit your opponent. Once you have felt this frustration, you try to avoid it. And you can do that with these six mouse bungees.

The all-rounder: Stageek mouse bungee

If you are looking for a simple and comparatively inexpensive mouse bungee, you can’t go wrong with the Stageek model. Contrary to the competition, Stageek relies on a simple design, with which the mouse bungee fits seamlessly into any home office. However, Stageek is the only manufacturer to use an adhesive device on the underside. Once attached, the mouse bungee stays in place.

Adjustable Spring: Fnatic gaming mouse bungee

Fnatic is well known to most esports fans. For years, the team was involved in the top leagues and tournaments of the first-person shooter “Counter Strike – Global Offensive”. The e-sports stable now also serves games such as “Dota 2”, “Valorant”, “Fifa” or “League of Lengends”. For its fans, Fnatic has a mouse bungee up its sleeve, the spring of which can be adjusted in height. Thanks to the wide base, it also stands securely on the desk.

The lightweight: Razer Mouse Bungee V3

Razer is one of the premium manufacturers in the gaming hardware segment. The manufacturer is known to most gamers because of its headsets, mice and keyboards. It is therefore not surprising that Razer is represented twice in the list of mouse bungees. It starts with its simple V3, which at 35 grams is the lightest mouse bungee in comparison. Unfortunately, its 8.8 centimeter (cm) high spring is not adjustable.

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The heavyweight: BenQ, Zowie CAMADE II

BenQ has always impressed gamers with its fast gaming monitors. They are especially popular among professional gamers. Accordingly, the manufacturer often equips professional tournaments with its hardware. If you own a BenQ Zowie screen, you should ideally use the BenQ Zowie Camade II mouse bungee. At 380 grams, this is by far the heaviest in comparison. According to the manufacturer, thanks to its weight and the rubberized sole, it stands particularly securely on the desk.

With RGD lighting: Razer Mouse Bungee V3 Chroma

Outsiders might get the idea that gamblers play three ELO ratings better when their desk shines in brightly colored light. That’s nonsense, of course, a district league player doesn’t kick better in neon yellow Nike shoes for 200 euros. But RGB lighting is still indispensable in the gaming scene. If you want to decorate your desk with the colorful light, grab the mouse bungee V3 Chroma from Razer.

Price-performance winner: Roccat Apuri Raw

If we’re being honest, however, every mouse bungee – with or without RGB lighting – does its job. Most buyers are therefore largely guided by the price. And that’s absolutely right, because reasonable mouse bungees are available from around 15 euros, such as the Roccat Apuri Raw. If you don’t want to dig too deep into your pocket, you can grab it here and be just as happy that your mouse cable no longer gets tangled.

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