the Promise of President Vladimir Zelensky bring peace to the Donbass and remained a pious Declaration of intent is the statement of the Russian foreign Ministry, where today summed up the first year of Zelensky stay in power. The results so far are disappointing. Noticeable not only on events in the South-East and the atmosphere in the Park of the Mariinsky Palace in Kiev, where Zelensky today decided to commemorate the first anniversary of his presidency to talk to the press.

Exotic locations for conferences — horse of President Zelensky. One he has already spent in the market, and now have chosen in the center of Kiev meadow, reminiscent of the White house lawn. And the press was on the same chairs, both made in Washington. On the question of how it differs from the former President, Zelensky said:

I differ from Poroshenko. As President, I am an honest, decent man, which really hurts for this country. I may not be so fluent in the Ukrainian language, but I am what I am.

Zelensky tried, as promised, to start with peace initiatives, and even came to the demarcation line in the Donbass, but was in uniform, and there entrenched nationalist battalions never made.

as a result, Ukraine Minsk peace agreement so far and not perform, but the blame for this somehow Russia that the document was not even signed it.

“the Lifting of sanctions against the Russian Federation may be only after some think so, as the Donbass will return to Ukraine, because in the Minsk process, the issue of Crimea, frankly, does not rise,” said Zelensky.

the Promised special status of the Russian language remained only in words. Prosecution of corrupt officials is still only in draft.

“regarding the verdict, Mr Poroshenko, I am sure that everything is still ahead. You saw yesterday’s scandal. I think they ruled the country, that they will have many adventures and sentences,” — said the Ukrainian President.

It was about the recordings, which Poroshenko talks with Vice President Biden. On the ex-President of Ukraine opened a new criminal case — this time about treason.

“Today’s press conference gave rise to the basic suspicion that this RAID involved the office of the President of Ukraine. Now, because between the current leadership of the United States and Ukraine have almost no communication. When I had regular meetings with the two presidents and dozens of contacts with Biden. These audio files, which yesterday showed a graduate of the higher school of the KGB fabricated,” commented published an audio recording of Pyotr Poroshenko.

Zelensky, and it suggests Poroshenko, communicate with the U.S. really went wrong. After his telephone conversation with trump American President was almost impeached.

“After the chase for high ratings for most of my life it only took one phone call, to become a truly world famous. The story of the impeachment I didn’t like. This diverted the attention of America and the international community from issues that had the greatest importance for Ukraine and turned our country into a story about President trump” — a quote Zelensky, published in the New York Times.

Zelensky promised to govern the country only one presidential term, but a year later doubted whether there will be enough time for all the planned reforms. According to him, it all depends on how to tell the people of Ukraine.

Work is complex, no “thank you” will not say, but if there is a big support of the people of Ukraine, I can think about it.

Poroshenko, incidentally, also to the last was confident in people’s support.