There are always days when you don’t feel great, but that doesn’t always mean that you’re actually sick. However, there are some symptoms that many people dismiss as everyday aches and pains that may indicate illness.

The body can withstand a lot and is quite robust. However, he also has a very sensitive side: he often shows quite precisely when he is not in a good condition through certain symptoms.

Signs of illness or overwork are not always clearly visible, especially if they occur gradually or over a long period of time.

In everyday life, small aches and pains are often dismissed as trivialities. But be careful – you should take a closer look at these common symptoms.

Constipation, flatulence or cramps: Digestion is influenced by many different factors and can quickly become unbalanced.

However, if you suffer from such digestive problems regularly or even daily, you should understand this as a warning signal from your body.

This can be due to an incorrect diet, harmful lifestyle habits, psychological causes that literally upset your stomach or, in the worst case, serious illnesses.

If nothing improves despite a more conscious diet, have your digestive problems checked by a doctor.

Has there been a lot of hair in your brush lately? Don’t just dismiss it as age or your imagination.

Acute hair loss is often caused by stress. You should definitely take this seriously as a clear sign of your body. Try to give yourself more time out and rest periods – otherwise stress can lead to more serious and long-term problems.

Diet can also be to blame: Make sure you get enough nutrients and vitamins. If it doesn’t get better, see a doctor.

Many of us are familiar with a constant feeling of tiredness and almost see it as normal. But stop! Chronic fatigue is not something we should take lightly. A persistent lack of sleep is extremely unhealthy and can cause serious health problems in addition to weight gain. Be sure to try to increase your sleep duration and quality. If you are constantly tired despite getting enough sleep, be sure to see a doctor.

Everyone is familiar with headaches and they occur more frequently in many people. As a rule, you put it down to little sleep or a stressful day – and maybe even take a painkiller.

But the body wants to communicate something important with these complaints: it is overloaded.

Of course, you can get over a tiring day or a night of drinking. But anyone who regularly suffers from headaches and ignores this as a sign from their body must expect serious consequences. Constant lack of sleep, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle can make you mentally and physically ill.

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