Not long ago the US celebrated the independence Day with such zest

244 years ago, his proclaimed the independence of the United States, at the head of which was General George Washington (in Russia it is accepted to speak Washington). Anyway, the first in the world to recognize the United States, became the Russian Empress Catherine II, and since then, our two proud nation not lose each other from sight.

Helicopter with Donald trump on Board passes in front of mount Rushmore so that the portholes with the U.S. President face to face — his outstanding predecessors — granite bas-reliefs of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln. Perfect photo election poster. All the spoils of what is happening behind the scenes. At the foot of the mountain at this time there are arrests.

Police clashed with the Sioux Indians and sympathizers of the movement Black Lives Matter. The protesters in the hands of the same plastic sheets, and in the national guard. On the persons mask. Start of the collision. The patience of the police burst into the fourth hour of silent confrontation — as those who believe black hills, so called the array, a sacred land of ancestors, blocked the road to the supporters of the trump.

the Shaman with a tambourine located in front of a barricade of vans. To the police it was difficult to drive away, one car I turned the wheel. To protest against the emergence of a trump on mount Rushmore came from all the surrounding reserves. Medical masks on their faces (and they are here at all) is also part of a political protest, because trunovskom rally masks to wear is not required.

a Young man with a red flag and the symbol of a tribe Oglala (translated from the Lakota language means “dispersing themselves”) is wearing a mask not only clinically, but also in case of acceleration, afraid of what he had learned. Radical-minded Indians uncompromising. I believe that the sculptures on mount Rushmore have to blow up.

supporters of the trump was looking for an extra ticket. The lottery played only 7.5 thousands wanting a lot more. To South Dakota traveled across half the country.

In the beloved fans of his style trump that he arrived together with his wife, built and their performance. “I declare the creation of a new monument to the giants of our past. I will sign the decree about creation of national garden of American heroes — large Park under the open sky, in which statues of the greatest Americans who ever lived,” said trump.

to emphasize the solemnity of the moment, in the skies over Rushmore staged a flypast. The helicopter link was replaced by a pair of bombers, their flight, the group of deck fighters. But the main thing — fireworks, that have also acted as local activists. 2009 fireworks here banned for reasons of fire safety — after all around the forest — but trump insisted.

the Volleys in the end and immediately with seven points, one of which was directly into the head of George Washington. Not long ago America celebrated the independence Day with such zest.