Not to beg for oil and gas, Lukashenka ordered to heat with peat and sawdust

Belarus has to beg for oil and gas, said the President Alexander Lukashenko instructed to make wider use of local fuel. The politician cited the example of Vitebsk region, where he built factories to manufacture, and suggested to disseminate the experience across the country, as the dying of wood enough for today.

Lukashenko has noticed that the sawdust, wood chips, peat just lying under the feet. And instructed the government to study the issue of implementation, not to create competition for Belarusian products on the European market, where biofuels are in high demand, according to the website of the Belarusian leader.

Between Belarus and its traditional supplier of oil – Russia regularly have price differences. Russian oil flows to the country’s main oil pipeline “Friendship” and by rail, in addition to this, considering alternative routes of supply of raw materials to Belarusian refineries. Belarus is seeking a reconsideration of prices for Russian gas in 2020.