The police of Central Franconia caught a driver with 400 kilos of white powder. However, these were not drugs, but vast amounts of flour. The police Facebook post then went viral.

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The police were amazed. During an inspection, officials discovered dozens of packages of “white powder” in a car! The entire Mazda was packed: the front passenger seat, the footwell and the entire back seat. And then the officials also showed humor. They shared the picture of the fully loaded hamster wagon on Facebook and wrote: “On Tuesday about 400 kg of white powder, so-called

Nuremberg: the driver has 400 kilos of flour on board

The driver was driving his red Mazda on Bayernstrasse in Nuremberg. Then the police noticed him. They stopped the car and were amazed: the red car contained 400 packs of flour! Somebody knows how hamsters really work. The police took it with humor, writing on Facebook: “Everything was fine with the flour itself. Only them

However, load security was not the only problem. A tire of the car was completely worn and broken. The driver had to change the tire and reload the flour and was finally allowed to drive on.

Facebook users celebrate the police post

Even if the whole action was less fun for the driver, the Facebook users are having fun. The post has already received over 680 reactions and been shared 159 times. “Is there pizza for the entire district today?” asks a user. “The king of hoarders” writes another. And with a view to the rising food prices, a user asks: “How high is the street value, coke will soon be cheaper than flour.” Maybe the Mazda driver can now also laugh about his crazy flour ride.