The number of people injured after a bus and tram collided has risen again. Initially, there were reports of 30 injuries, one of whom was critically injured.

After a bus collided with a tram in Oberhausen on Thursday morning, the number of people injured rose to 39.

Apparently those affected reported later or went to hospitals on their own, said a police spokesman on Friday. On the day of the accident, there was talk of 30 injuries, including a critically injured man. This passenger is now out of danger, said the spokesman.

The bus and tram were badly damaged. The amount of damage cannot yet be precisely estimated, said spokeswomen for the two transport companies involved, Stadtwerke Oberhausen and Ruhrbahn (Essen). According to experts, it could be a six-figure amount.

According to Stadtwerke Oberhausen, the heavily damaged bus was just a year old and cost around 300,000 euros new. The tram, which was also badly damaged, costs between 2.5 and 3 million euros, as the Ruhrbahn spokeswoman said.

The drivers of the two vehicles were not injured on the outside, but were in shock. Both were on sick leave, the transport company said. The bus and tram collided at a driveway onto the busy high route. The police spokesman said the causes were being investigated.