Esteban Ocon, the French Formula 1 driver, will be leaving Alpine at the end of the current season. However, it seems like he has already found a new team to call home in the paddock. According to reports from RacingNews365, Ocon has secured his future in Formula 1 beyond this season by signing an exclusive contract.

After spending five years with Alpine, Ocon will be saying goodbye to the Enstone-based squad. The news comes shortly after Haas F1 announced the signing of Oliver Bearman on a multi-year contract starting next year. Now, it has been revealed that Ocon will be joining Bearman at Haas in 2025.

Although Alpine decided to part ways with Ocon earlier this season, it appears that the French driver was already considering his options. He was in talks with both Haas and Audi in recent months, ultimately choosing to sign with Haas. This decision may have been influenced by Haas’ improved performance in 2024 and the opportunity to work closely with Ayao Komatsu, the team principal.

The contract that Ocon has signed with Haas is a multi-year deal, indicating his confidence in the team’s long-term prospects. Meanwhile, Alpine is reportedly eyeing Carlos Sainz as Ocon’s replacement, but Sainz has yet to make a decision. If Sainz does not join Alpine, Jack Doohan is said to be a strong contender for the seat.

Neither Haas nor Ocon’s management has officially confirmed the news of his signing with the team. However, this development means that Kevin Magnussen will be leaving Haas at the end of the current season, leading to a completely new lineup for the team in 2025. Additionally, Nico Hulkenberg will be departing from Haas after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to join Stake F1 ahead of its transition to Audi in the future.

The signing of Ocon by Haas marks an exciting new chapter for both the team and the driver. Fans will be eager to see how Ocon performs with his new team in the upcoming seasons. Stay tuned for the official announcement of this deal before the summer break.

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