Sandals, shorts, spaghetti straps: Many employees breathe air when the heat is persistent and come to work in casual clothes. But there are some no-gos.

The Italians and Spaniards are likely to be amazed when they look into German canteens. Not just about the greasy food in this heat and about the fact that the Germans grab their cutlery on the dot of twelve, despite the high temperatures. No, above all they may be surprised at the outfits of many employees. Flip-flops, mini-skirts, shorts and shirts, cropped: Many employees like to come to work in casual clothes when the temperature is over 30 degrees. Unthinkable in Spain and Italy. Or have you ever seen a Roman businessman in Bermuda shorts? Even!

Many employees are overwhelmed by the heat dress code. What is allowed in the office and what is not? In establishments that have a dress code, it’s easy. This must also be observed when the temperatures rise. Bank employees may be allowed to remove their jackets and ties. Of course, long trousers and a shirt remain mandatory. The same applies to management floors. However, most companies do not have a dress code. Corporate culture, conventions and etiquette are decisive here.

Basically, look at what your colleagues are wearing. If the majority of people wear a T-shirt instead of a dress shirt and a short skirt instead of a pants suit in summer, that’s okay with you too. Especially when the boss takes things a little easier on hot days. But be careful, your office is not a beach bar or a swimming pool. There are certain items of clothing you should not expect of yourself and your colleagues. The five worst no-gos:

Yes, it’s hot. But flip-flops in the office are taboo

Yes, it’s tempting to leave your leather shoes at home in this hot weather and come to work in light flip-flops. But even if you have no customer contact, please do not expect this sight from your colleagues. Or don’t want to see pedicured toes at the meeting or lunch? Unless you’re a lifeguard, flip-flops don’t belong at work.


Shorts are always popular with men. A young colleague might be forgiven for this faux pas, especially if he has well-trained legs. But nobody really wants to see Mr. Müller’s hairy stampers from the shipping department. Allowed and above all in is casually rolling up the trousers over the ankles. But then: no white socks, please!

Mini skirts and hot pants

Skirts are of course allowed for women. But as long as you’re not working behind the counter in a nightclub, mini skirts and hot pants should stay at home. After all, not every colleague needs to know what a great figure you have. And if they do, invite them to a beach bar. You can wear your hotpants there.

tank tops and spaghetti straps

Always wanted to see your colleague’s muscles? Then invite him to the pool. At work, his upper arms should at least be in a T-shirt. This also applies to women, by the way. Airing your armpits in the office is not proper.

Bare midriff

Even if you have a flat and well-trained stomach: Please keep it covered in the office. Unfortunately, it turns out that not only colleagues with model dimensions would like to wear short T-shirts. A sight that we should all avoid, at least at work. See the video: Falling asleep is not always easy, especially on hot summer days. We’ll show you four tips on how to better endure the next summer night.