Oil at Belarusian refineries will supply

the Oil company “RussNeft” and Neftisa group Safmar Mikhail Gutseriev, will supply oil to Belarus, said the representative of the group.

a group Company Safmar produce 18 million tons of oil per year, explained the representative, and this will allow not only to fulfil the obligations in the domestic market, but also to provide supplies to Belarus approved by the Ministry of energy schedule.

From January 1, 2020, Russian oil companies stopped crude oil supply to Belarus. They are unable to enter into contracts with the Belarusian state company Belneftekhim due to disagreements in price. The last few years Belarusian refineries (refinery) to buy oil on terms comparable to the terms for the Russian independent refineries, i.e. export alternative plus a small premium. The Russian company proposed to maintain these conditions without losing them.

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Belarusian side insisted on the cancellation of the award and succeeded. January 4, delivery resumed in these conditions, but so far only one plant – “Naftan”.

one Person familiar with the negotiations, told “Vedomosti” on 10 January the group companies Safmar fulfill supply obligations to Belarus 130 000 tonnes of oil. In January they plan to put in the Republic of 650,000 tonnes of raw materials by pipeline and 100,000 t – rail. The oil will be supplied to the two Belarusian refineries – “Naftan” and Mozyr.