Artificial intelligence like “ChatGPT” tries to reproduce the knowledge and thinking of our time. Can it also serve as an oracle that provides information about our epoch? We want to regularly ask the machine about current topics. Today: Chatbot glitches.

The AI ​​bot ChatGPT is the most flexible writer in the world. Of course you have to trick him a bit so that he writes interesting texts. But in this respect he is not particularly different from human writers.

One of the best techniques for motivating the bot to write readable text is to have it assume a certain role and then write from that perspective. We want to play with this in our new column “Having a cigarette with ChatGPT”.

To kick off the series, we asked the chatbot to assume the role of a tech-savvy journalist and then write a critical commentary on the series of glitches at the launch of Google and Microsoft’s new AI projects.