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Until last summer, Samuel Little was a serial killer, in fact, quite ordinary, destined to languish until the end of his days in a jail in california for the murder of three women in 1987 and 1989. Three cases remain intractable for nearly a quarter of a century, until Little be confused by its DNA in 2012 and sentenced three times to imprisonment in 2014. 78-year-old, weakened, and nailed to a wheelchair, Little would have been able to turn it off without noise, taking away his secrets in the grave. But, last spring, an investigator who specializes in “record cold” (cold boxes), who worked on the murder not elucidated of a young woman in Odessa (Texas) in 1994, has entered the DNA profiles into the national database. The name of the suspect is immediately apparent. In July, Samuel Little has been charged and transferred from his cell in a californian prison, in the county of Wise, in the north-west of Dallas.

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