On the island of Kizhi is a unique polling station

Unique polling station works on Kizhi island in Karelia. On the territory of the Museum-reserve no one is registered, but every day there are dozens of employees, some around the clock. How many people decided to vote on the island?

Kizhi Island, perhaps the most unique place to participate in the vote. Background for the execution of the civic duty here is the ensemble of the Kizhi Pogost — a cultural heritage site by UNESCO. The recently completed large-scale restoration of the Central building of the ensemble is the Church of the Transfiguration. In this rich historical-cultural and natural complex is running the polling station № 319. Except the location, it differs little from thousands of others.

“for the First time the polling station on the island opened in 2018, at the election of the President of the Russian Federation. For a long time there were held early elections. The island has no permanent residents, but every day his professional duty here to serve the Museum staff, MOE staff and staff of Regardie,” — says the Chairman of the precinct Commission №319 Mr Transnistria.

to Vote on the island decided about 100 people, most of the Museum staff. Among them — the Director Elena Bogdanova. She is convinced that culture requires special attention, and the new amendments to the Constitution will contribute to this, to create a unique cultural image of Russia.

“We, as the people standing on guard of cultural heritage preservation, primarily timber architecture, our architectural heritage, very interested in the fact that it was an effective support,” — said the Director of the Museum-reserve “Kizhi” Elena Bogdanova.

to participate in voting on amendments to the main law of the country on the island could and tourists. This required in advance to choose the polling station №319 and to vote at the location.