On the streets of US cities came out the guardians of history

In the United States infected more than two and a half million people. Several States re-introduced the restrictive measures. While we are talking only about the closure of some bars and restaurants. A sharp increase in the number of infections associated with the protests. Now, in addition to those who advocate for the rights of black, took to the streets and the defenders of American history.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Posters with this inscription appeared at the Museum of natural history in new York. The goal is to protect from demolition the monument at the entrance to the building. Insist on the dismantling of the activists of the movement Black Lives Matter. This time, blacks and their supporters demanded that the bronze head of the 26th President Theodore Roosevelt. What famous Colonel seated on a horse, and his dark-skinned companions are next considered racist. This position is supported not all.

“does the supposedly hurt feelings of the citizens. But the story got to do with it? We must not leave the senses, to see clearly and to understand what is the heritage and strength of America. Because Theodore Roosevelt did so much for our country… and their desire to remove the statue just ridiculous! It is not racism represents, and is proud and shows how people are all together!” says protester Tom Zmich.

However, activists acceptable to the dismantling of monuments to American history, it seems, care little. In Wisconsin demolition got the monument of the Norwegian Hans Christian Høeg, who actively opposed slavery, fought in the Union army and died in the struggle for freedom of African Americans. But their descendants monument Hegu beheaded and dumped in the lake.

About the search for vandals police in Wisconsin has not yet been declared. But in Washington the law enforcement personnel literally dismantled the video from the protests outside the White house to get the faces of the attackers.

To search for pests of state property and joined Donald trump. Request to help identify individuals who arranged the vandalism actions in the square Lafayette, he posted 15 TVthe it. And here’s the post with gratitude to supporters of the President from Florida, Trump had to be removed because of the racist phrase at the end. The White house insists that the President just didn’t get it.

Meanwhile, in another southern state chose to fight the racism by changing the flag. In Mississippi, both houses of the Legislative Assembly decided to dispense with symbols reminiscent of the martial knowledge of the Confederacy during the Civil war.

the state Governor has signed the bill, the new project of the flag promise to vote in November. Moreover, it can undertake remotely due to active growth in the number of infected. Authorities in California followed by Texas and Florida went again to restrictive measures due to new cases of infection with coronavirus. While this is only about bars, but the governors do not rule out that if the increase in the incidence continues it will be raised and re-quarantine.