This book is heavy and can only be used with two hands: “Mountains” is simply the title of this new release in the Coffee-table Format of 30 times 38 inches. The image band is nothing Less than the optical balance of the climber, and photographer Robert Bösch.

The 64-year-old Swiss was to a wide audience through his photography known advertising. Among his clients were Switzerland tourism and various Outdoor equipment manufacturer, for which he staged the pictures with great effort in the Alps, among others.

His whole range of mountain photography in his latest picture book to full advantage: of the more exciting Action photography for mountain bikers and Kayak on whitewater-and-White photos in a timeless Aesthetics of rivers, the extreme Climbing in the Vertical up to a silent Black.

In memory of Ueli Steck

pictures and mountains are for Bösch two worlds, “in which I in the last forty years have moved and overlapped sometimes, mainly on expeditions,” he writes in his introductory Essay.

His opulent work, he has clearly structured, in the Chapter “Rock and ice”, “snow”, “air”, “water”, “Trail”, “Rocky” and “mountains of the world”. A dozen well-known mountaineer, he was able to win most as authors. Texts by, among others, by Nina Caprez, Robert Jasper and Steve House are preceded by each of the photo chapters, which enrich and increase the image band with their thoughts on the subject of mountain.

Jungfraujoch in Switzerland, selfie sticks in the snow: How Asians in the Alps conquer By Till Bartels

Tobert Bösch has Dedicated the book with two short words, “Ueli”. Is meant Ueli Streck. The 40-year-old mountain climber from Switzerland that has been through numerous Solo ascents, including the North face of the Eiger and Annapurna’s South face in a record time, and was his close companion and friend. “We developed a special collaboration, we had never planned, just happened,” writes Bösch.

In April 2017 you wanted to meet both in the Everest region. But at the same time, as Mr Bösch in Kathmandu, the plane landed, came Ueli Streck in the case of a mountain accident at the 7861-Meter-high mountain Nuptse in Nepal killed.

On the following page of the photo gallery we show some of the photographs from the book, “Mountains”, which is published by National Geographic.

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