Health Minister Karl Lauterbach as a hobby comedian? This will soon be available in the Amazon format “One Mic Stand”.

As recently as last year, the astonishing news circulated that politician Karl Lauterbach (59) would go among the comedians for a new format on Amazon Prime Video. In the meantime, the show in question “One Mic Stand” has a concrete start date. All five episodes of the first season will be available to streaming service subscribers on July 15.

The idea behind the already twisted show “One Mic Stand” is very simple, but it could cause a huge stir. Celebrities who, like Lauterbach, have no experience with stand-up comedy are to be transformed into true punchline experts by famous comedians. In the case of Lauterbach, who has since been appointed Minister of Health, his good friend Hazel Brugger (28) took over the comedy coaching.

These other pairings are there

With “One Mic Stand” a late-night star is also celebrating her comeback in comedy: Harald “Dirty Harry” Schmidt (64) is also on board as a coach. He took two stars to his chest, the two soccer world champions Mats Hummels (33) and Christoph Kramer (31).

On the dance floor, “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse (41) does not fool anyone. So that she can also become a professional on the stand-up stage, she trained comedian Michael Mittermeier (56). “LOL: Last One Laughing” winner Torsten Sträter (55) was allowed to bring “Victoria’s Secret” model Lorena Rae (27) closer to the art of comedy.

“One Mic Stand” will be moderated by Tedros “Teddy” Teclebrhan (38). However, he will not only lead through the show, but has also been entrusted with a protégé himself. The fact that Fahri Yardim (41) has good comedy timing has already been demonstrated by the actor with the series “jerks.” proven. Does that make him a good stand-up comedian? We’ll find out in mid-July.