She was considered the right hand of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and was instrumental in the success of the online network: Sheryl Sandberg wants to take care of her charity activities in the future.

Top manager Sheryl Sandberg, who was long considered the right-hand man of founder Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook group Meta, is leaving the online giant. The 52-year-old wrote in a Facebook post that she wanted to focus more on her charity activities in the future.

Sandberg gained his first experience at Google and joined Facebook in 2008. As the person responsible for the operational business, she played a leading role in turning the online network from a relatively small player in the online business into a billion-dollar corporation. In recent years there has been speculation about a cooled relationship between the 38-year-old Zuckerberg and Sandberg – which has always been rejected. Sandberg is to remain on the board of directors of Meta, the group’s supervisory body.