Online voting want to make part of the elections in Russia

Technology, online voting should be an integral part of elections in Russia, said the Minister Maksut Shadaev. “Technologically, I think this is ready. And this great experiment confirms it,” — said the Minister.

According to him, voting on amendments to the Constitution have shown that this technology is in demand that people are willing, it is interesting to people, people it’s convenient.

In an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” Chadaev said that the online system for nationwide voting worked normally. “The portal is periodically checked for stability. Mostly the attacks were on the CEC website, as far as I know. Here, the protection system worked normally, therefore, no serious threats have arisen,” — said the Minister.

as for the opportunity to vote again using the online method, Chadaev suggested that blame the “human factor”, to avoid that you need a clear work of members of election commissions.

According to the Minister, members of precinct election commissions shall carefully inspect all who came to the polls of citizens, not to give them the opportunity to vote a second time. However, people who signed up for electronic voting and for some reason decided to vote in person should also have that opportunity. “This requires a clear, coordinated work of precinct election commissions”, — said Chagaev.

the Head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation, co-chair of the working group to discuss amendments to the Constitution Andrei Klishas has suggested that e-voting is convenient for voters, and for him the future.

on 1 July in Russia is the main day of voting on amendments to the Constitution. Electronic voting took place in only two regions: Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod region. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin voted on 1 June at the polling station. After that he was given a gift set.