Hardly anything promises more escapism than a fantasy audio book. Other worlds that free themselves from the laws of nature invite you to immerse yourself. These five recommendations are worth hearing.

Hardly any fantasy audio book is like the other, because there really are no limits to the imagination. Magic, flying, mythical creatures – everything is possible. This detachment from reality is what makes imaginative stories so appealing. Anyone who thinks they already know everything will be surprised when listening to fantasy radio plays. Five listening tips that invite you to escape from reality:

1. Fantasy Audiobook: “Game of Thrones”

Many should know “Game of Thrones” as a successful TV series. The epic has already been shot, but the books are not yet finished. In “Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire” the listener is immersed in the world of great royal houses that are in a power struggle for the kingdom of Westeros. “Game of Thrones” is known for unpredictable plot twists that turn everything upside down and swallow favorite characters faster than some viewers or listeners would like. Fantasy fans are taken care of, magic and dragons are not neglected in “Game of Thrones”.

2. Fantasy Audiobook: “The Lord of the Rings”

You can’t tell a successful audio book by the fact that it was made into a film, but it’s not bad either. So you can go straight to watching after listening. “The Lord of the Rings”, like “Game of Thrones”, spawned famous films that are still celebrated by fans worldwide. It’s a story about friendship, about courage and good and bad. In the world of “The Lord of the Rings” there is room for numerous imaginative characters, whether fearsome orcs or powerful magicians. As a listener, you accompany the hobbit Frodo and his companions from the Shire on the most dangerous and extraordinary journey of his life.

3. Fantasy Audiobook: “The Dwarves Saga”

The fantasy series “The Dwarfs” comprises five volumes and is one of the fantasy classics. As a listener, you immerse yourself in the life of the journeyman blacksmith Tungdil, who becomes the hero of an entire people. Tungdil and his allies not only have to defeat traitors in their own ranks and shady magicians, but also overcome personal obstacles.

4. Fantasy Audiobook: “Harry Potter”

Sorcerer’s Apprentice Harry Potter is the namesake for the popular “Harry Potter” book series. In seven books, author J.K. Rowling the story of a boy who has to grow up early. Together with his best friends, Harry embarks on indescribable adventures, constantly surpassing himself and growing up. As a listener, you will not only learn numerous Latin spells, but also what solidarity, bravery and love mean. “Harry Potter” is and remains one of the most timeless stories and rightly so.

5. Fantasy Audiobook: “The Song of the Crows”

“A Song of the Crows” celebrates unconventional misfits with diverse talents. A thief, a spy, a convict, a magician, a sniper and a runaway from a good family are tasked with freeing a dangerous magician from prison. As crows, they band together on a common mission that is much more than each individual can imagine at the outset.

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