152 concerts, 44 songs, 16 outfit changes. Taylor Swift is filling stadiums around the world. Performs on stage for over three hours. To keep it up, she trains diligently. Her personal coach explains how – and praises her perseverance.

It is “tailor-made”. And developed “for a professional athlete”. Taylor Swift’s workout routine is tough. Her personal coach Kirk Myers now reveals this in an interview with “Vogue” magazine. He has already trained various celebrities and is now also responsible for the pop star’s enormous fitness level. And the 34-year-old needs that too.

After all, she has been touring the whole world for over a year, playing a total of 152 concerts as part of the big “The Eras Tour”. She dances and sings night after night, leading her audience, the “Swifties,” through her numerous musical eras for hours. Through over 40 different songs. And through 17 different costumes. This requires strength and endurance.

How does she achieve this? With a strict exercise program, explains Myers. He doesn’t reveal a precise training plan, but he does say what’s important.

The main work takes place outside of the tour, he explains, in the “off season”. “When she’s not on tour, we’re in the gym up to six days a week and sometimes two hours a day,” he says. The focus of the training: strength and conditioning.

In particular, the focus was on her “core”. Studies show that athletes who have a “strong core” have advantages in both strength and endurance and improve balance.

The most popular core exercises include:

Many of these exercises involve the entire body. They also do not require any additional weights.

Such training also has an effect on your stamina and breathing, reveals Coach Myers. As does a tough cardio program. Swift told Time magazine that in preparation she sang the entire set list while running on the treadmill. “Fast for fast songs and jogging or fast walking for slow songs.”

And even when it comes to nutrition, Swift is consistent – ​​at least almost always. Apart from the night of the Grammy Awards, the 34-year-old doesn’t drink alcohol. “Put through this show with a hangover? I don’t want to experience that.”

And training continues during the tour. About twice a week, explains Coach Myers. For stability, mobility. There isn’t much time to rest. In very extreme phases, in which the 34-year-old only has a day off from concerts, she needs to regenerate particularly well. Swift then sets a “dead day”. “Then I don’t leave my bed except to get food and bring it back to my bed,” she tells Time. Every time she took a step, her feet crunched from all the dancing in high heels.

“Taylor is the most resilient person I have ever met,” says trainer Myers. It’s “super inspiring” to watch her get stronger and better. Her training plan, her training schedule – “some people would probably vomit or have to lie on the floor if they trained like she does”.