“We wanted to start early are in a family, actually,” says Jasmine, 36, would like to see your real name rather not be published. She was 28 when the Couple has decided to have a child. But a decision is not enough sometimes. Actually, quite often, when you look at the statistics of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology: Worldwide, every sixth Couple tried in vain to get pregnant, in Switzerland, even every fifth. Jasmine and her husband Andreas (his name is actually different) life in Zurich.

their infertility was stressful, so much so that they told anyone about it. “We have tried artificial insemination to help, but that has not worked,” says Jasmine. The Doctors could not figure out what it was. They advised the Couple to take a further test in the foreign country. “We should go to Spain, because there are more opportunities in the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. In Spain we have been told, if you test this, and the embryos are good, I would be guaranteed to be pregnant. We have tried, the embryos were tested and were normal, I’m not but will continue to become pregnant.” The Spanish woman doctor suspected, “there must be something Immunological that my body can’t take the embryos,” says Jasmine.


The genetic parents, Andreas and Jasmine accompany the birth of their son, is brought up by a surrogate mother to the world. In Switzerland it is forbidden to engage a surrogate mother, the child comes to the United States to the world.

“All kinds of surrogacy are prohibited”, – stated in the Swiss Federal Constitution (art. 119, Para. 2 the Best. d. BV). According to article 252 of the Swiss civil code the mother of a child is the woman who gave birth to the child. “There is but part of a judgment of the European court of justice, which says, if the child is genetically related, has to be recognised that the Parenting – at least of the parents is genetically related. Then also, Switzerland”, white Jasmine. Her son also Swiss citizenship has now.

©Tom light, Djamila Grossman for Adoption? In Switzerland is extremely difficult

As a layman, it is believed that the authorities would enjoy nothing more than about a Couple who wants to adopt a child. But unfortunately, the reality looks different, such as Jasmine and Andreas had to say, after you had started an adoption process: “We have been waiting for several years for a child proposal that has not come. In Switzerland, it is extremely difficult to get a children’s proposal – even though we had taken our request, far: we have said that We would take a child with a disability, or is HIV-positive.” The Couple wanted to grow a family and was not afraid to have also difficulties to cope with. But even this open-minded approach showed no success.

to adopt The two was advised to “change the country”, so a child from abroad. You went to the various agencies, however, were not adopted because they wanted to record, no other adoption applicants. “And only the private adoption then remains,” says Jasmine, “but since you never know if the everything is legal. You do not want to build happiness on the unhappiness of another woman and you want to take away anyone’s child. Therefore, this came for us not in question.” The fear of unintentionally at children, traders, held the two of this option.

The surrogate: Jasmine speaks in the Interview about your case,

“The Spanish Doctor had advised us to undergo a surrogacy into consideration, if we want to have children,” says Jasmine. After all the failed other tests in this way seemed to be the Couple of the last resort. The star Jasmine is interviewed to learn how the surrogacy in your case is lost.

How did you find your surrogate?
We went through an Agency. You will eventually get a kind of Exposé on you and you get a parallel one about the Couple. Both parties have 24 hours to watch and to consider whether you want to talk to each other. We both said Yes and then we have geskypt. Anschließemd you have to decide, if the flaps could be human. We have noticed but quite fast, it has spark. And then lawyers make the contracts.

the surrogate mother Is also in a relationship?
In the United States is regulated by the law. Surrogate mothers should not have to live in poverty, in order to make the not from need of money. You also need to have children of their own and should live in a relationship and a stable life. Our surrogate lives in a stable relationship and has a child and he already has three children, and together they have four. A Patchwork Family.


Beth and Trevor, the Leiheltern from Wisconsin that in front of your house. For Beth, it is her Faith that motivates you, children for others to carry out.

How old is your Baby now?
Eight months.

And since when you have it in Switzerland?
Four weeks after the birth we flew to Switzerland.

Then the surrogate mother has weaned quickly, and you have given the bottle?
no, I have also breastfed. You can mother as your Request, I have also breast-feeding. The. And shall continue to be pumped out, then do it now and donate your milk to children in need.

How can you, as a mother, not pregnant, breastfeeding?
This is not complicated at all. If you combine the pill with Motilium, a drug used for the digestion. And if you used too much of this and then the pill is deposited, to produce milk. I was able to breastfeed relatively easily.

you still Have regular contact with the surrogate mother?
Yes, she is the godmother of our son. They were with us in Switzerland and have visited us. We have several times a week contact.

you Need to make sure that the surrogate mother does sometime claims to the child?
This is regulated contractually, but you know the wife very, very well. And the family. We have stayed with you and lived. This is out of the question. She’s like an aunt. I have the feeling that you became my sister. You helped me out of a extremely large distress and me the greatest gift you can do to me. For me, it is, of course, that she is a part of my family and Vice versa. So this is unimaginable.

get the surrogate money?
You have to pay money to the Agency, which costs quite a lot. The Agency distributes the money to lawyers and all others Involvedten, so that the expires regulated. It is contractually determined, that the surrogate mother receives money, if you will, for example, during pregnancy bedridden. We would have paid in the case of the domestic help and so on. Or if she has a loss of earnings because she is carrying our child, then we will come to that. There is not a compensation, but as payment. But it is not so much that you could say that you would because of the money surrogate. This woman is very religious, she’s doing this out of Conviction. She has done this before for a Few from the USA and found it fulfilling to do something so Beautiful. She has seen what luck can do. And you will make it again.

Which is the faith in the direction of the surrogate mother belongs to?
it is not Christian.

something like this can be difficult to imagine.
in The beginning, I made me think a lot about the Motivation of a surrogate mother, why a woman does that. In the contract it said we would have to have once a week with your Skype contact. I found this extremely irritating, I could not imagine the. I don’t this close contact really wanted. But we got into it, and it was like an Epiphany that there are people in the world who really want to do something. She has done this out of Conviction and that has touched me incredibly deeply. I’ve noticed, that we cannot imagine in Europe, that you could do something for someone else. I know what profit is it, if you commit yourself to something. It has filled me with humility, to see this.

do you Want to tell your son later?
In any case. As I said, from the feeling she has become like a sister and she will always be part of the family. We will visit and of course we will tell our son who she is and what she has done for us. I am Convinced, if you do it in a spirit of mutual respect, if you pay attention to the fact that no one is exploited, then that is something very Beautiful. We have not only a child, but a whole new family. They are part of the history and if I failed to mention in any case.

That sounds very touching.
for us It was extremely moving, Yes. This woman deserves the utmost respect. There are places or countries where this is different, for example, in India, but we have not experienced it.


Finally a family: Jasmine holds her son in her arms, father Andreas studied his face

©Tom light, Djamila Grossman

Djamila Grossman, and Tom light, accompanied by Jasmine and Andrew on the birth of her child in the United States. Is it to show a concern as seriously, and also the issue of surrogacy in Switzerland, anxious to be perceived and how controversially it is discussed. From the photos that you have made during the time in the United States, from the genetic, as well as the Leiheltern, from secluded locations and snowy landscapes, the creation of a book, the title of which is “Be Hers Be Mine”. It should not tell only from these two pairs and the happy outcome of your story, but also Thought-provoking – about medicine, ethics, science, Faith, philosophy, and much more. It should also tell of the suffering, the couples feel, which can’t be pregnant. For the financing of the book, the two photographers have created a Kickstarter campaign, you can visit this Link to support.