Mild summer nights invite you to spend time outdoors. How to successfully move the movie night outside.

Tropical nights in Germany should be put to good use. These mild temperatures invite you to sit outside for a long time and enjoy the starry sky. Nobody has to do without the movie, series or football evening, because if you own the right equipment, you can move the whole thing outside in no time at all. Everything that is necessary for a successful garden cinema.

Cast off the lines

For a real movie night, it is hardly enough to simply put a monitor outside, larger ones are needed. The older ones will still have a slide screen in the basement or in the attic and can simply use it. However, there are now also outdoor screens that are even weatherproof to a certain extent and are available from around 100 euros. The do-it-yourself fraction, on the other hand, stretches a sheet and makes sure that it does not wrinkle and that the wind is not blowing too hard.

Beam me up

The heart of a successful garden movie night is the right projector. A lot has happened in projectors in recent years. While many know the devices from conference rooms or from film enthusiasts who have installed complicated technology in the living room, there are practical all-in-one solutions today. For example, the Halo from XGIMI, which costs around 750 euros, is a portable projector that not only has a Full HD resolution and stereo speakers, but also a battery that lasts about the length of a feature film. At the same time, it convinces in the most difficult projector discipline, brightness. Its 570 lumens are impressive for a mobile device and are usually sufficient.

Non-mobile entry-level devices such as Acer’s Aopen QF12 only achieve 100 lumens, but are available from around 150 euros. Rule of thumb: The brighter the picture, the more you get from the high resolution. If you have the wherewithal and only want to be mobile between the living room and the garden, take a look at the Epson EH-TW7000, which costs around 1,000 euros. In the high-end segment, you get a brilliant resolution in 4k from devices like the Hisense 100L5F-B12 or the BENQ TK850i, but you have to dig much deeper into your pocket and calculate between 1,500 and 3,500 euros.

Sounds right

Once the screen and beamer have been arranged, the right sound should not be missing. After all, the best picture on the most beautiful screen is useless if there is no bass at the end of the action flick. There are many solutions: the boxes built into mobile devices do their job, but have nothing in common with a high-quality hi-fi system. However, setting it up and dismantling it in the garden is not very practical. We therefore recommend Bluetooth systems from the usual suspects Bose, JBL, Teufel and Co. They can usually also be connected to mobile projectors that already have boxes installed and can be purchased for between around 100 and 300 euros, depending on the equipment.