Oh you glorious festival time! Soon it will start again and the first festivals will start. Whether you are an old hand or a newcomer, we have found ten things that you absolutely need at your next festival.

There are some things that you absolutely must not forget when you go to your next festival. We have selected ten of them and show you our favorites on the festival packing list.

Festival Packing List

A pop-up tent should be at the top of your festival packing list. The practical tents can be folded up small, take up little space in your luggage and can be set up in just a few simple steps. This tent is suitable for two people, water resistant and ventilated.

Tip: You like it more unusual and need more space? We like this large teepee-style tent.

This practical gadget should not be missing from our festival packing list: the drink holder makes it easier to carry bottles. You carry the holder with the bottle as a crossbody bag, have your hands free and can dance without dying of thirst.

Tip: You can also make your own drink holder – with gaffer tape.

At festivals, people like to use the old cell phone, aka Nokia cell phone, but if you want to take photos and videos, you can use your smartphone. With this practical cell phone security device, your cell phone can no longer be stolen from your (trouser) pocket.

With this festival gadget you play in the first league when it comes to coziness. The inflatable sofa invites you to take a comfortable nap between your favorite bands. For the festival it definitely has to be the space theme. If that’s not enough: There is even a built-in (beer) bottle holder.

A camping chair always makes sense, whether to hang out in a group or to eat something in peace. We like this chair because it folds up small, has handy pockets and only costs around 30 euros.

You can simply wear belt bags like a crossbody bag. Mobile phone, valuables and anything else you need are always ready to hand and theft-proof. You can actually find belt bags everywhere, whether online or in stores. Here is the classic from Eastpak.

Rain is also part of a real festival experience and therefore this topic cannot be missing on the festival packing list. If you don’t feel like mud and water in your sneakers, you’ll love this gadget on our festival packing list. With this waterproof shoe protector, you can turn any shoe into a rubber boot in seconds.

Should your festival really be a rainy affair, then you are well advised to take a waterproof travel bag. When the weather is good, choosing a waterproof bag doesn’t hurt either, so you can be sure that your belongings are protected.

Sustainability is an important topic, which is why it belongs on the festival packing list. Instead of using conventional earplugs only a few times, you can pack this model. Unlike foam earplugs, which change the sound of the music and make it muffled, these earplugs only reduce the volume without distorting the sound.

Disposable cutlery was yesterday. Use this sustainable bamboo cutlery set instead. The material is a natural raw material that grows particularly quickly and is therefore a renewable resource. You will also find a straw and a small cleaning brush in the set.

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